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We work with waste management companies and pass the benefit on to farmers.

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Rob Morgan Agricultural Contractors provides a full range of waste management services for waste management companies across Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire. Based in Market Drayton, we can offer a quality and competitively priced service to all of our customers. We've developed a contractor service with skilled staff and specialist machinery that can deliver a great end product.

After originally working as general contractors we decided to diversify into waste management, using the agricultural knowledge we developed to offer a complete service. We understand agriculture and this has helped us become a knowledgeable source in both industries.

With our expertise, we're able to provide farmers with a cost-effective alternative for many of their farming operations. This includes using our specialised machinery to do the jobs that you need doing, giving you the time and energy to focus elsewhere.  

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Waste Management

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Need help with your waste disposal? We specialise in working with waste management companies.

We have an extensive land bank already in place, utilising an established relationship with farmers and landowners.

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Cement Kiln Dust

Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) or by-pass dust is an excellent alternative to purchased muriate of potash. CKD can be up to 30% potassium, making it a cost-effective way of purchasing potassium. To make things better, this potassium is water soluble and immediately available to the crop. 

CKD contains a ph over 12.5 and a neutralising value between 41.9% and 32.5%. Potassium has been overlooked by some farmers since agricultural incomes have been put under pressure but it is still a very important element in the soil.

If your potassium levels are low, you can't make best use of the nitrogen that is available. Some farmers use slurry or FYM but with crop off-take up to 180 units of potassium on grass and cereals, there still isn't enough going back into the soil to cover this off-take and raise the potassium index.

CKD also has a good sulphur content and other trace elements that means it can be applied to growing crops, stubbles and seedbeds.

Paper Crumble Bedding

Recycled paper crumble is one of the leading products for livestock bedding, offering increased absorbency and cleanliness. With a high pH balance, it reduces cell counts and mastitis, neturalising bacteria.

This is useful for farmers that want to keep animals clean while saving time and money. Paper crumble is flexible and can be used in cubicles or loose housing. 

Once the bedding is ready to be changed, it can also be used as an excellent alternative to manure. As a soil conditioner, it's alkaline and fibrous properties help improve soil fertility.

Where popular alternatives such as sand are abrasive and can damage machinery, paper crumble is much easier to handle. It moves through machinery easily and mixes well with slurry or FYM. 

We're able to both supply and spread paper crumble, giving you a great alternative to the standard products available right now.

Made from 100% recycled paper, it's safe, efficient and cost-effective. Each load of paper crumble bedding lasts longer, saving you time and money depending on how effecient your usage is.

Waste Management Services

We specialise in recycling organic by-products to agricultural land. Our operations are extremely beneficial for both farmers and landowners, potentially eliminating the cost of fertiliser and providing a much better environmental impact.

The organic waste we use is broken down in the soil to give the plants nutrients, essentially performing the role of a fertiliser. 

This method of recycling waste management is economical and sustainable, providing benefits for both the farmer and the overall environment. 

We work closely with other companies to ensure that this waste management is handled efficiently and more importantly, properly. We cover the logistics and the application, leaving you safe in the knowledge that everything is being handled correctly.

Each aspect of our operations comply with the recently amended Waste Management Licensing Regulations, which is administered by the Environment Agency. We also have field liaison personnel with an agricultural background and experience in the industry. 

Are you a farmer or landowner looking for help lowering your fertiliser costs? We can provide you with free organic materials.

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If you have any questions regarding our agricultural or waste management services, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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